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Circadium: Putting a Pretty Good Foot Forward

August 22, 2006

We did a little bit more cleaning than usual before bed last night, as we’re anticipating a visit from some social work agency types at nine in the morning tomorrow.

Now I’m not naturally prone toward hospitality, so I’m a little anxious about having some strangers come to the house. The thought of at least three new friends crowding around Will is a bit taxing. So I try to make the place neat and together and as welcoming as possible. Because I imagine that they’re not just looking at him– they are also peeking around the place, making sure there isn’t trash laying around and that the electrical cords aren’t frayed, and the knives and guns aren’t on the floor, etc., etc., and blah, blah, blah. You know, ‘kid friendly’, and all of that business. So I’m trying to get stuff clean and together, and present ourselves as on top of things.

But then I think, ‘well, if it’s too put together, then they won’t want to help you!’. These are the folks who can help us with physical therapy, speech therapy, and other essential items which insurance will only cover for a little longer. And, depending upon the impression which we make, they can find a way to help us for free or maybe for just a few bucks. So we don’t want to have things *too* perfect, if you know what I mean. We should let them see that we could use some professional help, instead of being all on top of every little thing.

So I’m trying to get the place clean and neat and organized, but not too much. To place us somewhere between ‘capable’ and ‘destitute’ on the scale that I imagine in my head.

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3 Responses to “Circadium: Putting a Pretty Good Foot Forward”

  1. Liz says:

    Um, I think the mere size of your living space will go a long way in helping you convince social services you need assistance. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes it seems like God is working through every little detail .

  2. You? Not prone to hospitality? C’mon. That’s just false humility…and we’re not buying.

  3. Dottie says:

    I recommend tearing up. Smile winsomely, let your eyes fill, recover your composure. Repeat as necessary. And you can stage something where Stacy comes in and asks if you have any extra change because the ice cream truck is going by and she’s nursing and has a craving and all the quarters are for laundry, and you shake your organized-but-empty wallet out over the floor. Then call her honeypie. “I’m sorry, honeypie, it will have to wait until I collect on all those lawns I mowed. Why don’t you mix strawberry jam with a little powdered milk and put it in the freezer? That’ll be just the ticket!” ;)

    P.S. Loved the family pic from a few posts ago. So did Dr. G.

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