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Circadium: Circuitous

August 6, 2006

Aren’t grocery stores funny? I mean, not the stores themselves– they are pretty much the same everywhere. But the names sound kind of funny when you first move somewhere and hear people talking about them with a straight face.

I’ve shopped at Lucky, Logli, Bi-Lo, Hy-Vee, Dominics, Cub, Jewel, Aldi, Eagle, Hilander, Glenn’s, and Franklin. My all-time favorite was Piggly Wiggly (though we just called it ‘The Pig’). The ones around us now– Safeway, Giant, Harris Teeter, Trader Joe’s– sound normal and reasonable, but that’s probably because I’m just used to seeing them. I mean, ‘Giant’ might give a negative connotation, and ‘Harris Teeter’ is a mouthful that sounds more like a jewelery store or something. Come to think of it, they probably have jewelry at HT. They have fine wine and cigars, so there. And ‘Safeway’ sounds like a name for a church or a Christian radio station.

The wife likes to listen to Christian radio, but I’m not so keen on it. I mean, all of those songs sound the same to me, and they talk about ‘outreach’, but who’s really listening? But what really bugs me is that their self-promotion is all of this not-too-subtle stuff about ‘family-friendly radio’ and how ‘safe’ everything is there and how ‘you don’t have to worry about your kids’ and such. How something as countercultural and dangerous and subversive as Christianity became safe and family-friendly and warm-and-fuzzy and –for the most part– undemanding and unchallenging is a bit beyond me. Especially in the middle of the night.

…oops, got off track there a bit. So anyway, The Wife turned on the radio the other day, and I was aghast. Ella just loved it! Her eyes got all big and she waved her arms and smiled and kind of laughed. It was wonderful to see, until I realized that she was grooving to my (former) nemesis. So there you have it: it really is good for the whole family!

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7 Responses to “Circadium: Circuitous”

  1. sonja says:

    Or … you can look at it like this: a radio station that is attractive to 3 month olds. Hmmm ….

    I think she’ll outgrow it … you can relax.

  2. sonja says:

    Oops … add a big ;-) to my last sentence. I’m typing pre-coffee, so I forgot.

  3. kate says:

    Next up: Baby Einstein! Barney! Elmo!
    Good luck. Send them over to Auntie Lizzy, who would LOVE to introduce them to the “classics.” And pat their fuzzy little heads.

  4. WMS says:

    yea, what Sonja said… I tuned into our “family friendly radio” the other day and was hit with a crashing wave of guilt that just washed right off me like water off a ducks back… it’s nice to be home. :)

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