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Variegated Grace

At the three hour mark of an episode of continual fussing and crying from The Boy today, I actually paused […] [continue…]

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She’s A Nurse (Still)!

August 29, 2006

After carrying the burden for months, the wife knocked out her continuing education credits and other documentation required for the […] [continue…]

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On Falling

August 26, 2006

I live only 65 paces from a beautiful blue pool that is private and still and almost completely unused. How […] [continue…]

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Circadium: Oxymoronic

August 25, 2006

Even though I’ve been to the CVS about 5 times since we’ve been home (it’s just up the street), I […] [continue…]

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On Raising Caines

August 23, 2006

Today’s moment of convergence came at 8pm, as half of us woke up from a nap and the other half […] [continue…]

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A Plan for World Peace

Lately, I’ve been dreaming about a plan to eliminate all warmongering zealots from the world scene. They could all come […] [continue…]

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Bright Spot

August 16, 2006

I recently discovered something that can ruin my normally staid composure, get my frowny face plenty goofy, and raise my […] [continue…]

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That’s My Sister

August 14, 2006

There are extra tears all around the house tonight with the departure of AuntPammy, who’s been staying with us for […] [continue…]

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On Circling the Wagons

August 12, 2006

One of my favorite TV shows is the amazing 30 Days, the brainchild of Morgan Spurlock, the guy who made […] [continue…]

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