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Who Took 35ml by Bottle Today (Twice)?

July 20, 2006

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4 Responses to “Who Took 35ml by Bottle Today (Twice)?”

  1. sparksfly says:

    Go Will! (and the mommy pumping it)

    Thanks for the updated photo. We have been missing his sweet face!

  2. emmegab says:

    Seriously, you have no iDEA how we’ve been missing the pictures, and this one is priceless.
    And way to go, Will, on putting away that liquid gold.

  3. Faye says:

    That’s our Boy Will and he is a great fighter. As a matter of fact I think ALL OF YOU would take
    a trophie for how well you have
    done handling all you have had on your shoulders the past several months from the time when Stacy was first alerted that something wasn’t right way back in November.
    That seems so long ago and just look at the end results this far.
    Again GOD IS GOOD.

    Aunt Faye,

    PS Where is our picture of Sweet Ella?

  4. dstavlund says:

    Dearest parents of twins a.k.a. “THE PARENTS”

    What a beautiful precious picture of “The Boy” Can’t relate well to 3.5 ml milk twice—BUT thats great if “The parents” say so!(Is that like a 12 ounce drink to an adult?)


    Iowa Dad

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