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The Challenge of Will

July 8, 2006

Imagine you wake up one morning with your stomach growling and your brain screaming for food. But the only thing you can find to fill your belly is milk. Certainly not the most interesting option, but enough to quell your hunger for a couple of hours. So you pour yourself a big glass, and take a small sip, only to choke. Because, you see, the roof of your mouth is no longer there. For some reason, this piece of flesh that separates mouth from nasal cavity is open all the way from your lip to the back of your mouth, and it makes eating mighty challenging. After a time, you find a way to bring a small bit of milk into your mouth, and move your tongue around it in a kind of modified swallow. Which actually ends up being about three or four swallows, as each on pushes some of that milk into your nasal passages, until that little mouthful of milk finally, incrementally makes its way down into your stomach.

So you keep working away, adjusting to this alarming sensation of constantly having milk up your nose while trying to find little gaps in the action to take a quick breath. Suck, swallow, breathe, and so on. Forgetting one of these essential elements brings some even more alarming sensations, of course.

And then you realize– to your alarm and consternation—that this whole process is utterly exhausting, since your blood is only carrying about half of the oxygen it once did. It’s like you’re up in the Himalayas at 25,000 feet, carrying a huge pack while trying to drink this milk and keep up with a speed-walking team of Sherpas. The guy in front of you is carrying a battery-powered TV playing old Iron Maiden videos, and the guy behind you is ringing a huge bell. After about 20 minutes, you need to lay down and get some sleep. Until you wake up again, hungry.

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6 Responses to “The Challenge of Will”

  1. Bless his strong-hearted soul. I believe I’ve found myself a new little “hero.”

    You are loved and prayed for, Will.

  2. Liz says:

    If anyone has the will to rise to this challenge and beat it, it’s your little (but ever so strong) Will!

  3. Jenny says:

    This is just Jenny from Rockford..came upon your blog address on a piece of paper “aunt Sara” left in my van…have checked it out for the last…at least hour…can’t seem to stop reading…don’t know what to say except that when we think of you we pray for you..and Ella and Will of course..who’s names i did not know until today. :/ oops

  4. Anonymous says:

    Little fella (not you, Mike, but Will :) ), you are so constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I think of you at such random times and pray for you each time it happens; some day, I will tell you the details…

  5. Jessica says:

    I’ve been thinking of you all lately and I am glad I have this site now. Thank you for sharing a little piece of your family with me so that I can be praying for you each time I think of you. It sounds like God has blessed you with some very strong-willed children which is a great thing! Keep seeking God’s abundant strength.

    Cousin Jessica

  6. Anonymous says:


    I just want you to know how much I
    have enjoyed your updates on the Will & Ella and thank you so much for posting the progress that all
    of you have made from the very beginning. I am still looking forward to holding these babies before the get to big to be held, loved and cuddled. You, Stacy, Ella and Will are very special to me and I continue to Pray that Will will be able to go home before to much longer. God choose
    you and Stacy to be SPECIAL PARENTS for them. I love you and
    continue to Pray for you all. Thank of you often.

    Aunt Faye

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