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July 2, 2006

Life is busy just now, with much preparing and recovering and packing and unpacking and traveling and working away at innumerable projects. I’m worried for all the challenges ahead, humbled by all that I’ve yet to learn, and wary of all of the questions still hanging in the air.

Yet even with all of that, I absolutely love my kids. When I look into their faces, I feel real joy. Like I’ve never felt before– even when they’re frustrated or uncomfortable or exhausted or screaming as loud as their little lungs allow—I just smile back at them with this big, dumb grin.

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2 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. Mike Croghan says:

    Hey! I just got one of those big, dumb grins myself. Must be catching!


  2. dstavlund says:


    Loved the words crafted in your “Perspective.” And the deep unconditional love toward your children whether noisy ,messy, ungrateful, WHATEVER- they are YOUR children to love and to hold in your heart the rest of your days!


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