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Mistaken Identity

July 18, 2006

Stepping into the hallway tonight, I took the handoff of The Girl from The Wife and headed to the water […] [continue…]

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On Saying Goodbye

July 17, 2006

Well, our two day visit turned into seven, several peaches on the counter at home paid the ultimate price, and […] [continue…]

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On Habits

In the morning light of a bright Saturday (ok, so maybe it was afternoon), while driving to Dunkin’ Donuts, I […] [continue…]

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Ella had her two-month visit to our angelic Pediatrician on Thursday. Which meant a battery of heel sticks, venipunctures, and […] [continue…]

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Why We Miss Nana

She changes diapers without fear, and without a net: right there on her lap. She can swing, sway, bob, bounce, […] [continue…]

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It goes by quickly; it goes by slowly. Minutes can feel like hours, but days can disappear completely. We constantly, […] [continue…]

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It is becoming obvious that I haven’t spent nearly enough time around babies, as I am bereft of suitable lullabies. […] [continue…]

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Left Behind

Room after roomBed after bedPatients with no visitorsNurses for friends One with a name that stands outSo much, that I […] [continue…]

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On Collaboration

At each step along this journey, we have worked with large teams. Which suits us: we love collaboration and flat […] [continue…]

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The Road Ahead

July 16, 2006

“This happens to people,” is the thought that echoed in my head when I had some precious moments of solitary […] [continue…]

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HSC: Home Sweet Casa

July 11, 2006

We’ve extended our stay in the apartment at HSC, and will probably spend at least a couple more nights here. […] [continue…]

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The Challenge of Will

July 8, 2006

Imagine you wake up one morning with your stomach growling and your brain screaming for food. But the only thing […] [continue…]

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