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On Jealousy

July 6, 2006

I was happily carrying on with my day when I totally caught The Wife and The Girl smiling at each other. Upon interrrogation, I found out that this has been happening for ‘a couple of days’.

Can you believe it? Not only was I completely left out of said smiling, but I wasn’t even apprised of it. Now I know I’m not around as much as I could be, and I’m not as attendant as I should be, but still. Smiling? When does Daddy get his smile?

Then I remembered that I don’t care about all of that sentimental stuff. I’m here to be The Father, with or without affective remuneration. For this, my kids will thank me later. It’s clearly more important to have respect than love. So I’ll let these two have their little moment, and stay the course.

…I’m so bitter.

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5 Responses to “On Jealousy”

  1. WMS says:

    yea, be that kind of Father, Mike… I dare you! :)

  2. emmegab says:

    very cute, Mike. But I promise you’ll get yours soon…and you are SO going to wrapped around Ella’s finger. You’ll just be basically worthless at that point!!

    we’re still praying lots for you guys…

  3. tom della-moretta says:

    And when they smile at you,(not if, but when!) you get all squishy feeling and you look around to realize that they obviously finally changed the light bulbs in the room to a higher wattage, since it’s certainly brighter in here than it was before!

    When the girls smile at the Dads…… its all over folks. Chest gets warm, knees get a little tired and in need of bending, and , of course, Moms need to be educated that Dad’s smile was different than the one she got.

    Ain’t it great!

    God Bless the smiling family.


  4. Liz says:

    I agree with the others… your turn will come soon enough. I gotta tell you I was extremely jealous and hurt that Elizabeth’s dad got to hear her say her first word (at least it was cat and not dada) before me. But I soon came to realize that the only “first” that really mattered was my first… because before that she was only practicing so it would be perfect for me ;-) When you get your first smile… you’ll completely forget about all the smiles mom got. Yours will be the best!

  5. kate says:

    And ‘dada’ is so much easier to say than ‘mama,’ it’ll be first for sure.

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