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On Blessings. and Bats

July 19, 2006

So The Boy, who formerly had about zero body fat, is now sporting at least two chins. Plus those cool wristlet-things where his chubby forearms meet his pudgy hands. It is quite glorious.

Also, we nervously put him into his carseat as a kind of a test today. We’ve been worried, because he ocludes his airway occasionally when we hold him, so we weren’t sure how he’d survive a trip in the car. But he filled out the seat quite nicely, and his head didn’t flop around in the least. Maybe we really can take him home!

The girl is smiling a lot, though somewhat indiscriminately (a second ago, she was smiling at the mobile hanging over her bed). But she’s also sporting tbe occasional (what we like to refer to as) ‘bat in the cave’. Which poses a kind of problem, I think. Because what can you find that’s handy to fit into her tiny nose to get those little gems out of there? I mean, my finger is clean, but much too large. Car keys would fit, but they are a little dirty. The only apparent option is found on her little hands. But should I be grabbing her tiny fingers to stick into her tiny nose? I mean, do I want to teach her to pick her nose already? Come to think of it, who teaches us to pick our noses? And who teaches us to pretend that none of us do (when we all do! — admit it…)? What’s a father to do?

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3 Responses to “On Blessings. and Bats”

  1. Greta says:

    Funnily enough, I was faced with this exact dilemma the other day at playgroup. I don’t know about Ella, but there’s no way Addien would let me use her own finger–she’s too wiry, she’d just clench her fist and pull and yell until I gave up. So I was struggling to get this monster as she was wriggling and moaning, and Phoebe from Thailand witnessed my struggles, came over and said “Here, let me show you.” She took a tissue, twisted a corner between her fingers until it looked like a weapon, then stuck said weapon up my daughter’s nose and pulled out a very large bogie. Feeling a little awed by her boldness, I laughed and said, “Nice.”

  2. dstavlund says:

    PRAISE GOD for chubby babies!The Boy and The Girl (The Wife” too) need that cushion



  3. Liz says:

    When I was taking Elizabeth home from the hospital the nurse gave me a little plastic bulb to “suction” gunk out of her noise. HA! She was much better at keeping that thing out of her nose than I was at sticking it in. Now I’m wishing I could keep things OUT of her nose… welcome to the joys of parenthood ;-)

    And a big kudos to a chubby boy!!!

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