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A Flower Growing Through a Crack in The Sidewalk

July 17, 2006

This afternoon, we accepted an invitation to the first birthday party of a new friend of ours. A beautiful and cheerful girl who was born with a cleft lip. During her recovery from facial surgery, the doctors found an undiagnosed problem where a cardiac artery was encroaching on her esophagus. The surgery to repair the problem was supposed to be routine, but escalating complications eventually led to the placement of a trach tube in her throat to allow her to breath with a ventilator. She was in the CICU at the same time as us, was our roommate in the PICU at Children’s and she’s now down the hall at HSC.

We’ve seen her and her longsuffering parents endure quite a lot over the past two months. But today was full of family and friends and laughter and light, and her first taste of sweets. Gorgeous, and full of grace. A happy birthday to you, sweet girl, and many more.

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