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We’re Back…

June 6, 2006

…back in the CICU again!

With The Great Dr. Jonas on vacation, there are a few more spaces in the CICU. So for now, at least, we’ve got a quiet bed back in the corner. Will is chilling, and seems just a bit happier here. He slept like a tiny log all afternoon and into the evening. In the meantime, they’re giving him a unit of packed red blood cells (google ‘blood doping’) to give him a bit more oxygen-carrying capacity.

Our return was a bit of a homecoming, as the staff down here seem to be big fans of The Boy, and are in fact a bit possessive of ‘their Will’. So it was a room of big hellos and smiles and welcome home’s and good cheer.

The waiting room is a bit cramped and stressful, but at least they take the trash out twice a day. There’s no blueberry tea, but there are lots of cups. Ella’s favorite hallway is right outside, and the cafeteria is just around the corner.

But in the back, this means more consistent and regular care, more attention from the cardiac team, more peace and quiet and regular feeds, and more people stopping by to check on Will and his beautiful eyes and big family. It means little things that say a lot: a staff who seem really concerned about all of us, and all of Will’s wires and tubes are untangled and straightened, and he’s got a fresh bath and new blankets. I even noticed that they assiduously put a plug into his suction tube when they’re not using it, so that he doesn’t have to listen to that annoying whistle all day and night.

But more than all that, it means bottle caps in rich abundance. The drawer of caps was so full that I couldn’t even wrestle it open.

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2 Responses to “We’re Back…”

  1. Rebecca says:

    So glad to hear of the return to peace – and caps!

  2. kate says:

    Stash some for later… Good deal!

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