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Tradition, Tradition!

June 2, 2006

So the Mother In Law is rolling with us now, which is way better than it sounds. She’s here to fend for The Girl, teach The Dad, comfort The Mom, and kick the whole crew out the door in the morning (er… make that afternoon). A great cheerleader and medical expert, she’s also helping us to keep an even keel in the deep, deep waters of the PICU.

Which was especially nice today. Will and his team got to the starting line for extubation today, and then hesitated. Concerns about his weight (increasing, but slowly) and breathing (a little unsteady) prevailed, and they called off the race for the day. He’s back on his high-volume, high-calorie feeds, and the respiratory team is working on a plan for a special mask to deliver some positive air pressure (google ‘CPAP’) once he comes off the vent.

He seemed to take the news well, resting and sleeping in a way that made his family relax. But then, for some reason, he got kind of worked up and uncomfortable in the afternoon. He gaped and gasped and kicked, and simultaneously tugged at his breathing tube and our heartstrings. So The MIL stayed with him while we went upstairs to Ella’s urology appointment. She astounded the ladies at the desk with her beauty and charm, and got a decent review from the docs in back, too. They aren’t too worried about her enlarged ureter– they ordered a special X-Ray/Catheder/fluid procedure, and told us that the likelihood of a surgical repair was quite minimal. Relief.

Will was a little more chill, too, though he only really quieted down after the shift change at 7. He was sleeping when we left him. Not sure who was more exhausted, we wished him ’good night’ and did the usual ’call us with any news’ routine with the night nurse.

And at the end of the day, the MIL vanished to her quarters at the home of our uber-hospitable landlord, and left us with the illusion that we had completed the day ourselves.

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