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Mystery Solved, Caps Edition

June 8, 2006

So I got the real DL on the mysterious caps yesterday. Turns out that the reason they have plenty of the (ostensibly more expensive) nipples, and almost no (ostensibly cheaper) caps is not due to economics. Or rather, it’s all about economics.

The caps, they gots to pay for. Buy them, ship them, sterilize them, and stock them. The nipples are donated to the hospital by the company that makes them (who I shall refrain from naming), in the hopes that parent and child will grow attached to them and use them once the patients get sprung from the hospital. Product placement at it’s most vexing.

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One Response to “Mystery Solved, Caps Edition”

  1. kate says:

    I dunno. I’ll take product placement anytime, if it gets me free stuff!
    The third-world country addiction to product plan I’m not wild about, of course.
    Interesting backstory — how did you dig it up? Love the investigative reporting. :)

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