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My Will, and His

June 4, 2006

The boy is doing fine– he has surpassed all expectations thus far, save a couple. And those two items constitute a minor conundrum. We would have thought he would have gained weight a bit more quickly, and we would have hoped to have him off of the vent by now. Put them together, and you quickly find yourself in a pickle. More size and strength would help his breathing, but staying on the vent longer than necessary is rather questionable. On the other hand, attempting to get off the vent looks a lot like strenuous exercise, which doesn’t do much for weight gain. So, what’s a crack medical team to do? We’re not frustrated or disappointed, but a little anxious for him.

This we were discussing over the bed of young Will yesterday, fretting and counting our worries and just generally getting into a tizzy. Then, almost as on cue, we saw a single fist raised straight above the bed in a kind of silent black power salute. His arm stayed there, ramrod straight, for almost a full minute before he folded it back into his bed. A little later, we were ramping up the worry again and were silenced by his salute. And he threw a few more of them up before we went home for the night. Is he telling us that he ‘s ok?

Perhaps. Yesterday, the plan was to do some trials: two hours on CPAP, four hours on the vent. He barely made it through the first two hours, and only made it for about twenty minutes the second time around. But during the middle of last night, he stayed on the CPAP for five hours before the nurse finally decided to give him some rest. Then another four hours today, plus another two in the evening. So maybe the boy knows something we don’t. In any case, he seems to defy our little frets and plans for him.

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3 Responses to “My Will, and His”

  1. Maranda T. says:

    A salute to Will. May he fight well!

  2. emmegab says:

    I LOVE that mind’s picture of Will saluting. It’s such a great reminder that he is indeed a teeny fighting person, made in God’s image. I keep praying for his strength and weight gain. And for stamina and hope for you guys. jen

  3. Mike Croghan says:

    I tell ya, toughest kid on the block, if not in the whole metro area. :-)

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