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(Month) Day

June 10, 2006

Our kids were born 30 days ago, and so today we treated the staff in the CICU to cake (we got one for ourselves, too). Everyone agrees that the month has flown by very quickly.

Instead of us giving them presents, our dear kids treated us on this big day. Yesterday, our pediatrician told us that 8-pound (hooray!) Ella can do without us waking her up for her night feedings. No more ineffective alarm clocks for her groggy parents: from now on, Ella will wake up her mother with a grunt and her mother will in turn wake up her father, who will provide support services.

And Will’s mom got the singular opportunity to give him a bath tonight, which was amazing. When I got back to see him, he was fresh and happy and all dressed up. Best of all, he smelled like all babies should: Johnson & Johnson’s No More Tears.

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4 Responses to “(Month) Day”

  1. Rebecca says:

    A day to truly celebrate!

  2. sparksfly says:

    Sweet relief! Your work paid off and my how we celebrate it! Such amazing discipline. Such great parents! Such a merciful God of sleep…the great gift!

    Your family, longing to be with you.


  3. Greta says:

    What an amazing thought. The twins are a month old today! God is so good.

  4. Wendy says:

    Happy Month Day little ones! Missed you guys at the emergent institute this week! Much love!

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