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June 26, 2006

It’s a few minutes after midnight on a Saturday night. I’m sitting on a blue plastic couch that must have weathered thousands of families since its life began in 1977. It’s quiet here, but you can hear the faint sounds of a father and son lounging to a little Jack Johnson. Behind me is a window overlooking the capitol and a beautiful post-thunderstorm cityscape. In front of me is a crib with a newly washed and lotioned baby boy. And above him is a monitor with the most hypnotic waves tracing across the screen with perfect regularity. Lines which represent heart, lungs, and airway operating in easy rhythm while a tiny baby enjoys a placid slumber. Which represents the answer to thousands of prayers uttered and acted out by hundreds of people all over this world.

Pained as I was to say ‘goodnight’ to my wife and daughter, I’m deeply honored to be sitting at the nexus of such goodness and grace. Thanks be to God.

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    Thanks be to God!

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