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June 14, 2006

I took my daughter for a walk through the yard this morning. It was amazing to see all of it reflected in her eyes: her startlement at the breeze, her enjoyment of the warm air, and her squinting at the dappled light coming through the leaves.

I’m a kind of caretaker for the place, and so a week ago some friends stopped by to shore up my meager recent efforts. They did all kinds of impressive projects, for which I’m deeply grateful. But the project they undertook which gave me the most pause was the planting of grass in several spots where grass has had a lot of trouble growing. In spite of that, they lent their expertise and elbow grease, tilling and fortifying and sowing and spreading straw for ground cover. Since then, I’ve watched the weather and supplemented the rain with a few sprinklings. Yet in spite of my outward efforts, I didn’t hold out much hope that we’d see any success.

But today, Ella and I got to see the most beautiful, tiny, tender shoots of grass standing like so many hairs in the voids between the pieces of straw. Life that sprouts despite hardship, and in spite of my doubt.

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2 Responses to “Hope”

  1. Faye says:

    I know that Spring is one of my
    favorite seasons. I just love to
    see the nature of how the brown
    grass turns to green and you plant
    tiny seeds and how the sprout and
    grow. It is just like our Faith
    in God it grows as we see the amazing hurdles that God leads us
    thru in our life and how he carries
    us when we are unable to carry ourselves. I know from experience
    he has carried me many times in my
    years here on this earth. I am proud to say I know a loving and
    merciful God.

    Aunt Faye

  2. Doris Liesenfelt says:

    Mike, you and Stacy and now Will and Ella have become a part of my regular routine…fire up the computer and read your blog. I’ve written and deleted so many comments simply because they seemed insignificant and I didn’t know if you would even remember me! I have laughed and cried been angered, anguished and jubilant with all of you. Thank you for allowing me to share your life and your truly wonderful insight.

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