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Cloud of Witnesses

June 9, 2006

This past month has been exhausting, but invigorating, too. Not for all of the extra energy or drive that we have, but because of our many wonderful friends. Friends far away, who love us and listen and send thoughtful gift and pray and write and call and keep us shored up. It is beyond wonderful to know that we’re not alone, and somehow hearing from people across the country and across the world makes us feel especially loved. No matter what time, day or night, the sun never seems to set on our extended family.

But we also have friends who are nearby. People who are close enough to appear in the flesh and pitch in with all manner of essential help. They bring food, sit with our daughter, sing songs, take photos, set up computers, pull weeds, plant grass, powerwash, prune, do laundry, store clothing, make dinners, buy music, shop for clothes, bring groceries and gifts, deliver donuts, sit with us, and let us cry on their shoulder.

Most of the time, all of this happens in such gracious and understated ways that we might even feel as though we’re doing pretty well on our own. But every day, we realize that we’re being pushed forward by a whole bunch of wonderful people, and we’re deeply thankful.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Mike! We know you appreciate us–you didn’t have to say it. :) But its sweet that you did. And if you forget we’re there, I guess that means we’re doing our jobs–which is just to help you live your lives a little easier right now. :)

    Erin B.

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