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A Night of Longing

June 15, 2006

How much do I love Ryan and Holly Sharp? Well, I’ve adapted two of Ryan’s songs as lullabyes (and I’ve found that Begin Again makes a poignant accompaniment to the changing of clean outfits soiled by poop), and when one of our nurses suggested that we make recordings of ourselves talking and singing, I thought ‘well, why don’t I just play Ryan’s music and podcasts?— Will couldn’t do any better than that!’ And when my daughter sits in front of Holly’s gorgeous painting on our wall, she is completely transfixed, forgetting even to eat.

So I’m obviously excited about a visit from Ryan and Holly (and their unborn child of promise) next week, and especially pleased at the prospect of a House Show at the famous House Of The Architect and Gospel Matt. Come if you can, and enjoy great songs of angsty deconstruction, hopeful yearning, honest questioning, and gut-wrenching lament. Consider a life where we travel widely, yet never stop longing for Home.

Here are the details:

House Show
7:00 pm
Tuesday, June 20
207 ‘S’ Street NE
Washington, DC

Please bring your own beverage(s), and food if you like. If you’re interested, bring some cash for pizza (which we’ll order at 7:30 –sharp), That’ll leave us with plenty of time for music, and still allow us to have a school-night-friendly departure. It’ll be great.

Coming? Please RSVP Matt at his super-cool new email address:

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  1. timthewelsh says:

    Count me in, Mike. Can I suggest we go to Pizza Mart just off Rhode Island? I’ll mention it to Gospel Matt.

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