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New Eyes To See

May 31, 2006

For the second time in our lives, the FedEx man brought us a brand new computer, unbidden and unexpected. We wandered around the house for quite awhile this morning, shaking our heads in shock. Our hearts were warmed and our heads were scratched, for there is no apparent way to track the origin of said gift.

Undeterred, I have launched a full-scale investigation. Unfortunately, I have a long list of friends who are ridiculously generous, so this could take awhile. Anyone reading this is, of course, a prime suspect. So let me be direct: come out into the light, and take your justice, sneaky one(s). I have the gift of discernment, and a fairly developed crap-detector, so it’s only a matter of time. The new laptop has a built-in iSight camera (as you know…) so I’m prepared to do face-t0-face interrogations of suspects near and far. Don’t make me use your own generosity against you…

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11 Responses to “New Eyes To See”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could say it was I…but someone reading this would know I was lying! :) Hooray! Can’t wait to see what the new technology brings for you and to each of us waiting to see, and hear, and read about your family.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yippy Skippy!!! As Shonda said, I wish it were me. By the way, love the family photo. I think it’s burned in my memory. The joy in your faces is unforgettable!


  3. Greta Davies says:

    I am so happy to see that your ridiculous generosity is matched by your friends. What a great gift.

  4. Mike Croghan says:

    I too wish it were me, but I too must plead innocent. Coolness!!

  5. emmegab says:

    yay, yay, YAY for the Stavlunds…and the generous benefactors. There are some fantastic people out there! SO glad for you guys.

  6. sonja says:

    If you watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent reruns on USA Network, you’ll get some good interrogation techniques. ;-)

    We’re very glad for you …

    God is good and so are His people!!!

  7. Liz says:

    God is good! (and so are your friends.)

  8. kate says:

    Awesome. Whatever promotes the blogging, I am in favor of. … well, not ANYTHING, but definitely a new ‘pooter!

  9. iowa dad says:

    It must have been wonderful to see the shiny,unstained NEW computer.Thank you JESUS!

    Iowa Dad

  10. julie g in k'zoo says:

    Mike, that post brought a fond smile to my face. But alas, it was not I.
    My guess is whoever sent it just got all the thanks they need from your blog post. Your family is well-loved.

  11. Kelsey says:

    Ok, ok. It was me. I just wouldn’t have enough interesting reading material if your blog disappeared! Oh, wait a second, I don’t think FedEx (while claiming to be ‘everywhere’)has a pickup spot anywhere nearby).

    Anyway, YAY!! What a blessing!

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