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Moving On

May 25, 2006

A big day of moving around today. We’re back home! After a wonderful stay at our dear friends’ place a couple of blocks from the hospital, we’re back at our place for the first time since the birth of the babies. It feels good to squeeze in amidst the crush of new baby stuff that we’ve been inundated with over the past two weeks, and to be ‘home’. Plus, some other friends moved all of our stuff and baked us cookies and had dinner waiting for us. But best of all: Guinness! Which is helping considerably with ‘let down’. Stacy seems to be enjoying it as well. (heh)

Ella is moving ahead, too. She gained all kinds of grams over the past two days. Neither wife nor the Doc seemed able to convert said measure to English for me, but I could tell by their elation that this is good news, indeed. So now, instead of getting the girl weighed every two days, we can wait two weeks! Now if I can only get over my sadness that she’s going to grow up at all…

And Will got moved from the CICU to the PICU this morning. This is a lateral move, as best we can tell– not a sign of improvement or of harbinger of bad news, but simply a practical place for him to rest for another week. He is now in the ‘feeder and grower’ category. That sounds a little unkind, I know, but it beats ‘cardiac patient’. The Great Doctor Jonas came by today, and said as much. The boy is the smallest they’ve operated on, and is doing remarkably. Didn’t go through all of the ups and downs that they usually get from patients who are his size. So what he seems to need now is strength and muscle mass to be better able to breathe on his own. Which means chilling for a week on minimal vent settings and eating tons of fortified breastmilk.

So a day of change, which is unsettling. Leaving the CICU was unnerving, as the PICU is bigger and more busy and noisy. And just a wee bit unrefined: someone cautioned us about their practice of ‘dumping’ our precious breastmilk, which got a rise out of The Dad, if not The Mom. But we’re settling in, and were mightily impressed with the night nurse. So we’ll find our place in the PICU, and try to get us and the girl accustomed to our old home, which is friendly and familiar, but which seems a little strange just now.

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2 Responses to “Moving On”

  1. dawnrw says:

    welcome home.

  2. lisa and l&d crew says:

    Mike and Stacy,
    Ohhhhhh….So GREAT to hear that you ALL have moved….Move to PICU…Move back HOME…now just for a ROUTINE…it will get easier… Let us know if there is anything that we can do for you. Janet wants you to know that she has been praying for the WHOLE family… and I have too… Love you all, Lisa

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