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Existential Crisis

May 3, 2006

Imminent busyness hangs on the horizon, but if I could clone myself, I’d send my ‘self’ to the following places:

Saturday, May 13: with Chris Scharen, talking about his great book (I’m currently reading it again).

2pm at Potter’s House Books in DC
7pm for a U2 Eucharist followed by an informal talk on U2 and faith at 8:30 at Luther Place Memorial Church in DC

June 23-25
Welding, sewing, hiking, canning, dumpstering, and The Psalters. And all in the great state of Tennessee. What could be better?

But of course if I did this, my doppelganger would be a much better, happier, and wiser person (if he be a person) than me, and would therefore have a kind of moral superiority over me. We might rightly execute the ‘old’ me and let the ‘new’ me live on to benefit the world.

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