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A Hole in the World

May 17, 2006

A few minutes ago, our dear Gramp passed away. I have no words to describe his life, or our loss, right now. But I’ll say more later.

Rest in peace, Gramp. We’ll love you always.

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13 Responses to “A Hole in the World”

  1. Mike Croghan says:

    Mike, I’m so sorry. Rest eternal grant to him, O Lord; and let light perpetual shine upon him. May God comfort you.

  2. Greta Davies says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Virtual hugs and love to you guys.

  3. kate says:

    God bless and keep you all now, in all of this.

  4. Rebecca says:

    So sorry for your loss. Comfort and peace to you.

  5. dave stavlund says:

    We are so sorry for the loss of “Grandpa” Bill on this earth.

    Dad & Mom

  6. Maranda T. says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. May God keep you in peace as you are separated from your family and may you all find comfort in the memories of his life.

  7. emmegab says:

    oh, Mike. We’ll be praying for you guys, as you feel the pull to be with the rest of the family. But praising God for Will’s good progress in the meantime.

  8. Deanna says:

    Oh my… these two short posts back-to-back. My heart leapt with joy and then sunk and caught in my throat. A tiny encapsulation of the rollercoaster you guys are on these days.

    As ever, you are in my prayers. May God hold you close.

  9. timthewelsh says:

    O merciful Father, who hast taught us in thy holy Word that thou dost not willingly afflict or grieve the children of men: Look with pity upon the sorrows of thy servants for whom our prayers are offered. Remember them, O Lord, in mercy, nourish their souls with patience, comfort them with a sense of thy goodness, lift up thy countenance upon them, and give them peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    With much, much love to you all.


  10. Lora says:

    Loss poured on stress heaped on joy. So sorry about Grandpa.
    Love & prayers–

  11. erin says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    Thinking of you and your family during this time, and praying God to hold you all close. Love, LMK.

  13. Chuck says:

    Spoken introduction:
    “You know, every time I look in the mirror I see my Dad.
    I think that’s why this song means so much to me.”

    Capo II

    G C D, G C D
    G D C D G D Bm C
    When I was young, my Dad would say Come on Son let’s go out and play
    G D C Dsus4 D , Em D/F# G C D
    Sometimes it seems like yesterday

    G D C D G D Bm C
    And I’d climb up the closet shelf When I was all by my-self
    G D C Dsus4 D Em D/F# G
    Grab his hat and fix the brim Pretending I was him

    D C G
    No matter how hard I try
    D C G
    No matter how many tears I cry
    D Em D Em/C#
    No matter how many years go by
    C D C Em D/F# G Em D/F#
    I still can’t say good-bye

    G D C D G D Bm C
    He always took care of Mom and me. We all cut down a Christmas tree
    G D C Dsus4 D Em D/F# G
    He always had some time for me

    C D Em Em/D
    Wind blows through the trees
    C D Gmaj7
    Street lights, they still shine bright
    C D Em Em/D
    Most things are the same
    Em/C# C Dsus4 D
    but I miss my Dad to-night

    G D C D G D Bm C
    I walked by a Salvation Army store Saw a hat like my daddy wore
    G D C Dsus4 D Em D/F# G
    Tried it on when I walked in Still trying to be like him

    D C G
    No matter how hard I try
    D C G
    No matter how many years go by
    D Em D Em/C#
    No matter how many tears I cry
    C D C Em D/F# G Em D/F# G
    I still can’t say good-bye

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