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A Gift

May 17, 2006

Dear Team Chattanooga:

A couple of days ago, y’all rallied together and decided to send an ambassador: the Singular Becky (aka, While You Were Sleeping). We are forever in your debt. Here is some of what she did:

She shopped, she cleaned, she coached, she cajoled, she encouraged, she advised, she shopped some more, she did laundry (what’s better than clean jeans?), she stayed up late, got up early, and helped us every hour in between. Oh, and some of the hours after the ‘late’ and before the ‘early’. She fed us, she watered us, she made us take showers, she loved on our daughter and our son, she revelled in every single ‘shoo-shoo-bopper’, she entertained our daughter so that we could be together with our son, she took photos of absolutely everything, she mourned with us, and talked us through a lot. She sang the praises of the glorious breastpump. Then she shopped some more.

We didn’t know what we needed, but somehow she did. And now, like the whirlwind that she is, she’s off again in the morning. We miss her already.

Thanks for sharing.


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5 Responses to “A Gift”

  1. emmegab says:

    our loss of our dear friend for a few days is NOTHING compared to the needs you guys have right now, and I personally feel it’s been an honor to have that loss…for your sake. and see, we can only gain from her time away, cause we’ll get to hear the good things and see the wonderful pictures.
    we continue to pray for patience and understanding in what God has in store for you and your wee ones.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We think Becky’s pretty great, too; she was so excited you all were willing for her to be there. Just be glad the gang of us doesn’t show up on your doorstep (which is what we want to do)! We are praying so hard for you (all of you) and waiting and talking and waiting for more news. Though we aren’t your real-life friends (yet), we love you and are praying for grace and mercy for your family.

    Shonda…aka- Team Chattanooga (I like our name)

  3. kate says:

    I love hearing about God working through people. She sounds like an amazing woman (from this post, and from her own blog). Blessings to her, as well! I’m sure she loved and savored every minute of it.

  4. Anonymous says:


    I’m delighted to hear that Becky is singing that glorious ode to the breastpump (I’ve been praying that someone has been – whether angel disguised as sister or hospital lactation consultant or your own wise wife, labor delivery coach extraordinaire who was the first to inform me over the phone five years ago from 500 miles away that my own milk had come in) . . . here’s to double-pump action and my hope and prayer that it’s multiplying Stacy’s milk supply as the proverbial “they” all say it should.

    To Becky (and the team) –

    And I expect Team Chattanooga is supporting Billy in the care of your little brood while you’re traveling . . . Blessings on all of you. Can I move to your neighborhood?

    I love and envy all of Mike & Stacy’s friends and family who have the privilege and joy of caring for them in person. In the meantime, I’ll pray.


  5. sparksfly says:

    It is me who received great gifts these past two weeks.

    In the words of my first born upon my return this morning, ” I just feel so much happy.”

    There would no be help in me if I had not been on the receiving end throughout my short life. I have been taught how to help from great friends and family (including you two)…so I will take no credit.

    It is true, the folks on this humble block sustain eachtoher in a way that must make our Maker smile.

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