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Fast Company

April 17, 2006

(…chuckachuckachucka sound of teletype…)
…this just in. The boys finished the greatest event in sport just a few minutes ago. Dave, with an official time of three hours, six minutes. Steve, with an official time of three hours, twelve minutes. Both, grabbing the brass ring of requalifying for the Boston Marathon at the Boston Marathon.

It appears that these two fleet-footers hoofed it together right up until Newton. We expect much celebration in Boston tonight!

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2 Responses to “Fast Company”

  1. Ryan says:

    Eric and Colleen sat out to train for Chicago in the fall. Eric’s friend Ryan (not me) ran 2:37.

  2. Kelly Maguire says:

    This just in…Steve said he’s feeling tired. Hhhmmmm…funny how running 26.2 miles will do that to you. I’m one proud spouse!!!

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