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Event Horizon

April 28, 2006

We saw the kids again today, and they’re still growing. Which is encouraging news, but they are both still quite small. Our girl’s weight is estimated at five pounds, eleven ounces (thirty-seventh percentile) and our little boy is four pounds, three ounces (still down in the second percentile). His amniotic fluid level is decreasing, so we may be delivering next week, though we’ll know more at our check on Tuesday. In the meantime, they are both working their lungs– ‘breathing’ their amniotic fluid with regularity, which is nice.

Our radiologist was, as always, kindly concerned about our personal and psychological preparation for our son’s facial appearance. She usually comes in to talk to us and to give us an update on the likely extent of his cleft lip and striking protruberance of palate tissue out under his nose.

The only trouble is that lately, when I dream about my son, I picture him with a perfect face.

On the other hand, my daughter refuses to be overlooked. Our sonographer gave me a souvenir photo of her flipping me off. The first of many, I’m sure. Oh joy.

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4 Responses to “Event Horizon”

  1. Liz says:

    I think your dreams of your son’s perfect face are understandable. Afterall, he’s your son and no matter how appears to us in this world; he is perfect!

    Oh and your daughter sounds like a real card… I’ll just say from my personal expierence, their personality in utero seems to hold true after birth ;-)

  2. sonja says:

    I have to second Liz on the personality issue.
    You can tell (and you don’t even know it) right from how they act in utero a lot of how they are going to be after being born.

    Wow … the soon-to-be-known Baby Stavlunds. I’m looking forward to it. I can’t even draw a big enough smiley face!!

  3. kate says:

    ‘sright. Lizzy’s been hyper and feisty since waaay before day 1.
    ah, the joy of the sweet, docile little girls… HA!
    You will think your boy is beautiful and perfect no matter what he looks like, I’ll bet. So will we.
    I realize your situation is very different than this one, but when did that stop me from telling a story? ;) I always pictured Lizzy as this smiling, dark brown-eyed, curly dark brown-haired imp. As you know, she’s about the opposite (except for the smiling part). It was actually weird to get used to her looking so different than I expected. Though, of course, I still thought she was gorgeous. Parents definitely look through the eyes of love.
    We’re so excited for you, Mike and Stacy. I’m very grateful for the updates. I just hope you have time to dash off a quick blog entry before you have to head to the hospital!!

  4. Liz says:

    Kate, you make me laugh about the blog entry before going to the hospital. I’ve secertly been wishing to find such an entry but was afraid it was to much to ask. So, thanks for asking for me :) (hint, hint Mike)

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