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March 10, 2006

Our day at the hospital ended a little early, which was a blessed relief. To walk out into a seventy-degree day in March was wonderful (and I’ll worry about global warming tomorrow).

Our cardiologist viewed the cardiac echo results and pronounced everything: ‘the same’. Our son’s large heart problems remain, and the leaky valve is still just barely perceptible. Our meeting today was a helpful nuts-and-bolts about some of the possible scenarios which we might face in the first hours of his life, and we’ll be following up with the NICU at our birth center to confirm that everyone’s on the same page. The possibility that we’ll have a C-section at one hospital followed by a heart surgery at another is looming large, and we’re trying to find a way for mother and babies to be in the same place, if at all possible.

We also met with the cranio-facial team, which was kind of a relief. First, because we’re an atypical family, in that we have much larger concerns than our son’s face. But also because our doctor there was quite atypical himself. He was was laid back enough that he allowed his contingent of students to wander in and out of the open door like curious sheep. And he was comfortable enough that he used medical terms like ‘cool’, ‘no sweat’, and ‘naaaah’ while he massaged his own back, figeted in his sideways chair, and talked to us about the hardships of marriage (his ring finger was noticably naked). But his results don’t disappoint: he showed us a book of photos of amazing surgical outcomes (and one famous attending physician dressed in drag).

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