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Simple Way Family Reunion

February 18, 2006

On Friday, I took a whirlwind trip to Camden and Philly with fellow RTer Jackie. Saw a bunch of Relational Tithe folks, got a look around Camden (inluding a gorgeous sunset over this somewhat bleak neighborhood) and Camden House (where Chris served up some deliciously outdated corn chips), and then headed over to Philly for the Simple Way Reunion.

Truly a slice of heaven. An arresting mix of people from every continent, race, class, background, addiction, and hair style. Never have I felt more conventional, nor more desirous of dreads. At the same time, each person was welcomed and embraced. Everyone gathered for a gorgeous potluck of lovingly homemade foods, along with some sushi rescued several days before from a dumpster. We drank water, talked about things both transcendent and common, and washed our own plate and handed it off to someone else still waiting in line.

The Psalters lead us in some foot-stomping, heart-wrenching, full-voiced worship, and we heard from each of the twenty or so groups represented. All celebrating our separate and collective journeys, all recognizing our interconnectedness, all laughing and crying as we sang songs of home. Everyone there included me and my family as they offered their regular prayers for all of the other new and expectant babies, and we shared communion together.

Such an honor to hang out with people who are unapologetically changing their respective worlds without the slightest hint of arrogance or self-pity. They are happy to do it, and are not mourning the loss of their own life. In fact, they seem to have found their life. May God bless them, and make me more like them.

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  1. Chris Haw says:

    mike! so great to meet you for real this weekend. I’m glad you got a camden tour and, more importantly, a taste of that mosaic of beautiful people gathered. good times. glad jackie made it too! Saturday was lovely, sorry you didn’t make it.

    But for the concerns of the chips, I don’t want my name connected with them. Stale is not the correct word; rather, toxic and/or vomitous. For the record, I did not take them out, and consider their mere existence a crime.
    peace and love, chris

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