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Friends in High Places

February 12, 2006

We met our friends Kathy and Randy in Georgetown this afternoon. They were in town with some friends from Western Michigan to attend a Church of the Saviour- affiliated retreat. So we drank coffee and supplied sustenance to our respective in utero offspring as we caught up a bit and heard about their wonderful retreat.

It is always great to see such loyal and encouraging and loving friends as these. We might only see them once a year, but these waters run deep. Which is especially impressive when you consider the company they keep. Not only do they share a certain celebrity status with Joel McClure and the famous folks at Water’s Edge, but today their posse included a truly blinding luminary, the esteemed George Hunsberger. I’m excited to see what their continued efforts will bring to the religion-saturated but mission-deprived world of Grand Rapids, and what they can teach the rest of us in the process. Godspeed!

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