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Undercover Couple, Week 7

February 26, 2006

Since our instructor was out of commission last week with the dreaded ‘stomach flu‘, we took a second week off […] [continue…]

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Zechariah, Reimagined

February 24, 2006

People are talking about preaching a lot these days. Some say that it’s dead, that it is deeply flawed, or […] [continue…]

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Volf @ Yale, Part 4

February 22, 2006

The last session was where we discussed Free of Charge, MV’s excellent book which grounds our giving and forgiving toward […] [continue…]

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Quid Pro Quo?

February 21, 2006

“If God is dead, then all is permitted.” So said Dostoyevsky. “If you knew for sure that God did not […] [continue…]

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Back in the Saddle

After three months of hanging around the house, the wife returned to the workforce today. Our Doc gave her permission […] [continue…]

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Dog’s Life

February 20, 2006

I’m watching the dogs who live next door this week. Which is fairly easy duty for me, but obviously a […] [continue…]

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Not Forgotten

Our dear friends sent us a rather sizeable package today. Truly a blessing.

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Volf @ Yale, Part 3

February 17, 2006

On Tuesday afternoon at the Emergent Theological Conversation, there were several breakout sessions. I attended the one on bringing justice […] [continue…]

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Volf @ Yale, Part 2

February 15, 2006

[I was looking for a photo to spice up the blog and found this interview, which was quite interesting, and […] [continue…]

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