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Voice of the Prophets

January 9, 2006

With a nod to Grace, our church began a series of Sundays by having folks volunteer to capture some element(s) of each of the twelve minor prophets in a station of sorts. The results were thought-provoking, sobering, compelling, and invigorating. But most of all, very, very creative. I’m always humbled and deeply impressed by the broad base of creativity in our small community, and so glad to be a beneficiary of that creativity. It is truly a gift.

At the same time, as much as I’m struck by the uniqueness of our church, I have to believe that most every church has the same kind of resources– they just never give them any expression.

So, with photo props to The Sniper and iPete, here’s some of the stuff that struck me:

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2 Responses to “Voice of the Prophets”

  1. Erin says:

    What prophet goes with Hitler?

  2. that’s Micah, actually.

    I think the phrases that were presented with that particular image talked about:

    “…leaders judge for a bribe,
    …priests teach for a price,
    …prophets tell fortunes for money”

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