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Still in the woods, but seeing some light…

November 29, 2005

It was a long wait, a long night, a long drive, and a very long walk down the hall.

But it looks like we have some good news, and some answers. The babies appear to be lively and healthy and growing normally. The wife’s symptoms seem to be stabilizing. Our one-in-a-million sonogram savant was smiling. The doctor is relieved, if a little guarded. And the parents are happy and exhausted.

So we’ll continue with the modified bedrest for another two weeks, and see how things progress.

We are very humbled by our generous God, and grateful for our wonderful friends and family who have encouraged us and prayed for us. A big shout-out to one and all. Yo.

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3 Responses to “Still in the woods, but seeing some light…”

  1. Holly Sharp says:

    I am glad to hear all is well. You guys have been in our hearts and minds a lot. Grace and peace to you both.

  2. Kathy Buist says:

    Still holding you before God.
    Kathy and Randy

  3. John and Kat says:

    We too are praying every day. Much love and lots of bedrest, xxxx

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