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Riding the Whirlwind

November 19, 2005

I’m thoughouly enjoying a crazy extended weekend with the long-awaited visit of Ryan and Holly Sharp. It’s been fun to push some of life to the side and just hang out, talking about what is important and enjoying each other’s company. Good food, amazing art, fine and fairly traded coffee, and a beer or two. Holly patiently guided me into a newfound appreciation of Rothko at the National Gallery, and we took our medicine at the new and amazing Native American Museum downtown.
Everything kind of culminated last night with a wonderfully eclectic party that came together at the last minute. A bunch of new and old friends enjoying a great combination of Gospel Matt’s hospitality, a perfect venue for the evening (which I can verify has impeccable framing, and which Matt outfitted with breathtaking lighting), Ryan’s prophetic and poetic music, Erin’s hilarious and arresting poetry, David’s disturbing and amusing rendition of “Stars and Stripes Forever” (performed on his teeth), and the new documentary about Wal-Mart on the big screen.
All of which has left me a bit fatigued, and a little mixed-up. I feel like I’ve seen some of the worst which the human condition has to offer, and some of the most creative and beautiful expressions of people cooperating with God to remake this world. Feeling a strangely familiar sense of overwhelm and hopelessness tempered with that small smile and knowing nod that yes, the Kingdom is advancing.

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5 Responses to “Riding the Whirlwind”

  1. Ross says:

    EXCELLENT picture Mike…if I didn’t know better, I’d swear it was stock art. Nice job…

  2. Shushan says:

    don’t forget to show them the Smithsonian ;)

  3. WMS says:

    wow, a truely poignant night that also left me a bit energized and a bit discouraged. Fortunately, if you can focus on the positive action of people against walmart, you can feel the empowerment of community over coersion and greed. There must be 200 locations that have successfully blocked the arrival of a Walmart in their town! Inspiring I say! Unfortunately, the very folks that Walmart keeps poor through the increasing impoverishment of the Chinese and Bangaladesh are the people who can LEAST afford to shop anywhere else (like my parents)… so until we can bring everyone’s living wages up, there will always be a HUGE market for Walmarts… I used to have to shop there for financial reasons… now I think of the suffering Chinese girls in the sweat shops and weap. I just can’t go there anymore. But where CAN I go? Who isn’t exploiting the poor?

  4. Ross says:

    Wow Israel… that’s where the rubber meets the road, isn’t it? Don’t ask me why, but this verse landed on my head when I read this:

    So justice is driven back,
    and righteousness stands at a distance;
    truth has stumbled in the streets,
    honesty cannot enter.
    Truth is nowhere to be found,
    and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey.
    The LORD looked and was displeased
    that there was no justice.
    He saw that there was no one,
    he was appalled that there was no one to intervene

    Isaiah 59; 14-16

  5. John says:

    Mike and Stacy,

    I’m so envious! Sounds like a great time!

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