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Looking forward; looking back

November 4, 2005

We had our first OB/GYN appointment today, where we were asked to give a bit of family history as they tried to determine our risk factors for genetic abnormalities.

I found myself choking up as I reported the causes of death for my grandmother and grandfather, who both passed away in the last few years. I was honored to eulogize both of them at their funerals, which was all but impossible. Suffice to say that I am humbled by their legacy, and that I miss them both dearly. Grandma and Grandpa, the world just isn’t the same without you. It seems like there is a shadow cast across it; an emptiness which won’t go away. As one who will now–with God’s grace–become a grandfather, I can only hope to hold a candle to the the strong light of your lives.

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  1. randy buist says:

    amen & amen & amen for the three grandparents who are no longer with me either… we can hope that you are a grandfather someday, and we keep praying for the twins!

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