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An Honor (Almost) Beyond Words

November 27, 2005

Patience and hope were rewarded yesterday as Gospel Matt joined his life to his Beloved’s before a gorgeous church full of family and friends.

I had the double honor of being the Best Man and having a chance to speak. Which I still can’t quite get my head around. And because I tend to be (shall we say) focused on the task at hand, I didn’t realize until well after the ceremony that my best friend is married. Wonderful, and shocking, and fulfilling.

It was a great chance to stand before a group of very happy people and say some outrageous things about these two amazing people. I almost got through it without crying, until I got to the part where I professed my reverence for them, and spoke about the way that they take the metaphorical phrase “love your neighbor” and make it literally true. As my brother-in-law said later, one often hears some glowing and slightly hyperbolic statements about couples in the wedding sermon. We say that we see God in them, and that they are wonderful people, and that they will will bring God’s Kingdom, etc. etc.. Except in this case, every word was literally and completely true.

So let’s raise a glass to two of the very best people I know: Mr. and Mrs. Gospel. Amen.

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  1. kate says:

    Hm. You know, that’s so true. It WAS so them. And so often, you can tell that the pastor (the homilyer?) has barely even met the couple. Whereas, how special — and rare — is it that there’s such a precious friendship between them…
    Good words, Mike. What a blessing to Matt and Dawn that you spoke them.

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