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The Best of Friends

October 14, 2005

Who can you count on to help you move all of your stuff into storage when there’s a danged monsoon hanging over your head for the whole weekend? When not one, but two basements flood, endangering your precious possessions? When the truck rental dude says, “Oh, no, we don’t have any of the large-sized truck which you reserved,” and you instantly realized that your day’s work just doubled? When lunchtime starts to infringe upon supper? When you need to move even more stuff tomorrow, and the rain shows no sign of letting up?

You count on your friends, that’s who. Technically, the help of both family and friends, though in our case the lines of distinction blur in both directions. People who will move an endless line of furniture and boxes and assorted junk through a muddy yard under heavy rain, stand around while you pack a bit more and get your stuff together, carry things which are so heavy that carrying them makes you see stars, drive their own vehicles to the unload site and do it all in reverse. Then drive back and do it all again. And again, the next day.

It is humbling and inspiring to have your weekend of need filled up with such willing and capable and generous people. Grateful, that’s what we are.

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