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In My Time of Dying

October 16, 2005

While in New Mexico, we visited Ojo Caliente to hang with friends for a couple of days at the great spa and natural springs there. I had a great time, even (especially?) as I thought a lot about dying. We experienced a mud bath, where you coat yourself in mud and lay in the sun while it dries. The mud is cool, and the dry breezes which waft over your wet body only make you feel that much colder. Within a few minutes, it feels like you’re underground. When you get up, your skin is crusty and dry, and wrinkles with every movement. Before rinsing off, I just stood there in my suddenly aged skin, thinking about all the life I have left to live, and what it will be like to come to the end of my time in this body.

Later, I laid down in the sauna. As time went by, my breathing became more and more labored, and I gasped for breath a couple of times as I tried to catch up. When I moved my sweaty body to the wrap area, my eyes were covered and I was tightly wrapped in blankets to lie there for twenty minutes. In that quiet, dark place, I listened to my own labored breathing and thought about the end of my days.

I want my life to count for something, yes. But that something is becoming less grandiose and more humble. I want to find harmony with my creator and further his Kingdom in very simple ways. Then, I’d like to lay my body down and enter into the next part of my existence.

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  1. Liz says:

    Oh how I can relate…

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