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Ethics, Live

October 18, 2005

After banging my head against a wall in a mostly futile effort to get my online class up and running, it was wonderful to step into an actual classroom with real people and faces and dialogue again.

And what a class it was! About 15 students, most of whom were very interested in engaging with the material and one another. Even the dude who came in with wacky eyes, reeking of weed was jumping right in. Once we got going, it was boisterous and fast-moving– right on the ragged edge. But it was a beautiful thing, especially when I saw the diversity there: three students who were born in El Salvador, one from Haiti, one from Ethiopia, several Black Americans (not African-American, said one of them), plus a few flag-waving Americans.

It reminded me of Levi‘s birthday party several weeks ago. At the playground, there were nannys and au pairs from all over the world, caring for children from other parts of the world. If you walked by slowly, you could hear many languages and observe a wonderful mix of races, ethnicities, and cultures. Someone said, “if the world could stay like this, it would be a much better place.” So true.

So here’s hoping that we can listen and learn from one another. To realize how big and how small this planet is, and to make it a better place.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Levi’s birthday really was like a little bit of heaven with all the different languages mixing in the air.

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