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October 18, 2005

I journey
through a day
past people I should know
people who are important for their unimportance

a gringo
sitting in a laundromat
with a clickety white laptop
revising a lecture for a class on ethics

he knows a lot
but not about life
the one who doesn’t belong in this place

the TV
blares happy talk
who wants to be a millionaire?
a stupid question at 88 decibels

the mom
comes with her kids
racing past the wire wheeled baskets
exuding energy and optimism; life itself

comes along too
I think she should get some rest
but following this tribe must be more interesting

the friendly man
pleased with the lack of crowds
I want to hear more about his life
but to sound clinical is worse than being detached

mi amigo
works the tandoor next door
cheerfully turning out crunchy naan
with a straight middle finger, badly broken long ago

I should stay
but I need to get back
back to hurry, and work; back to my life
but first, I need to find a cash machine and wi-fi

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  1. sonja says:

    Yo … dat’s lookin’ like sumpin for open mike time. You betta be careful wid all dat poetry writin’…

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