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Coming Back

October 2, 2005

After my unintentional hiatus, I’m tempted to talk about how much I’ve been working, and how busy I’ve been, and how much stress I’ve been feeling with all the goings on. But instead, I want to write a tribute to some people whose paths I’ve crossed.

Here’s to the throng of day laborers waiting outside the CVS on Saturday morning. Waiting for a chance to work while I drive to yet another job, feeling overworked. They are standing, sitting, talking, resting, and hoping. But all of them, waiting. Six hours later, they were all gone. Did they find work, or did they go back home emptyhanded?

Here’s to the crew just down the road from there, jackhammering concrete, blasting the dust away with high-powered air, and mixing new concrete up the way. While I roll up my windows to stay clean and fresh, they keep breathing and blinking through the fog. Six hours later, they were still there, making more dust than before.

Here’s to the mechanic in the shop around the corner from my latest remodelling project. When I’m walking to the hardware store, he always gives me the up-nod hello. I’ve often thought “boy, I’m glad I don’t drive a garbage truck,” especially when I see one sitting at a light, leaking that foul reduction of garbage juice from the bottom. But I never imagined that someone, somewhere needs to crawl under than cesspool and fix it. But he does, every day.

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  1. WMS says:

    kudos to the backbone of America… the working man… the blue-blooded, rosie-the-riveter, steel workers of America. Here’s to you! (toasting with a Budweiser).

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