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Birds of the air, flowers of the field

October 4, 2005

I’m still here, still running about 5000 rpm, trying to pack and move and work and wait for an ultrasound in a couple of days. Plus the final week of class, and the beginning of another term next week, and the long-awaited pilgrammage to New Mexico on Monday. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the Sermon on the Mount, and trying to see just how it is that I might provide for myself while also trusting in God to do the same.

So I had to smile one of those soul-smiles today when I drove by my latest worry-project: the day laborers waiting in the parking lot outside the CVS. Who cares for the day laborers? Well, it is the same One who cares for the sparrows, or so I’m told. And today, one of the (hopeful) day laborers was feeding about six sparrows.

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2 Responses to “Birds of the air, flowers of the field”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Check out the Post online today! Sometimes day laborers make it big.


  2. Rep.Groe says:

    Mike, your continued comments regarding day laborers challenge me and my ideology…right down to the core of my soul. I fight against illegal immigration day in and day out because of the horrid effect it is having on our nation. Not too mention that over 4,500 illegals per year are caught on a Marine base near the border. This is not safe. How do we reconcile the fax that people who break the law can pay in-state tuition to attend college while other citizens must pay more? Most day laborers work for nominal wages. Are we creating a sub-culture of slaves once again? Is this ethical? There is no judgement in these questions and I have many more. As a state legislator in a border state I welcome input from people of faith as I grapple with the unsumountable cost and dammage from illegal immigration.

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