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Birds of the Air, Boxes from Heaven

October 14, 2005

Last time we moved, I was all about the boxes. Perennially cheap and hopelessly principled, I refused to pay anything for something which is thrown away everyday. So I moaned and complained to friends to beg for their leftovers and visited all of the liquor stores and retail giants in the tri-county area for any suitable cardboard containers.

As we ramped up for our current move, I became very aware that the wife did not have the proper appreciation for all of my work last time. So I generously offered her the opportunity to be responsible for obtaining the critical vessels. Which she forgot about, until I found an opportunity to remind her (she would respect my hard work and sacrifice, by gum!).

Within a couple of days, some very kind folks showed up to visit our church (which happened to be at our house that day). They caught wind of our impending move, remembered that they had a garage full of boxes from their very recent move, and offered them to us. Delivered a whole truckload of them the next week, as a matter of fact. My gratefulness at the gift barely outweighed my bitterness at the break which the wife had received.

But I’m fully appreciative now. Having access to a giant stack of small, medium, medium-large, large, dish pack, and wardrobe boxes, along with all of the professional newsprint and padded paper wrappers made packing a snap. And those carefully sized parcels stack up in the truck (and in storage) in the most satisfying manner.

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