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Big Day

October 30, 2005

As I write, 30,000 runners are tossing in their beds, begging for a good night’s sleep before they try to run 26.2 miles tomorrow morning. And you’d better believe that I’ll be there for the drama. The Marine Corps Marathon: no prize money, not too much glory, and lots of pain.

I’ve got a few friends I’ll be cheering for, both in the full race and in the kid’s one mile event. In a new twist, a family member of a friend will be rolling along in the lead pack, and we’ll be hollering at him.

But more than that, we’ll be honoring these modern-day gladiators, who train and give their all for this purest of pursuits: to complete a course as quickly as they can. Sleep well, run hard, and feel that irreplacable satisfaction, runners.

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