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Big Day

As I write, 30,000 runners are tossing in their beds, begging for a good night’s sleep before they try to […] [continue…]

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Tail Wagging the Dog

It appears that the gracious readers of this forum have staged a miniature rebellion, as I have not been forthcoming […] [continue…]

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What do Bono and my friend Tim The Welsh have in common? They can both sing the heck out of […] [continue…]

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$50 Photo

October 22, 2005

Here’s me, in my freshly-cleaned car, headed out of the city to teach an ethics class in Woodbridge. If you’d […] [continue…]

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October 21, 2005

I’ll just say it: I am greedy, selfish, and indulgent. I have seen U2 twice in the past six months. […] [continue…]

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Ethics, Live

October 18, 2005

After banging my head against a wall in a mostly futile effort to get my online class up and running, […] [continue…]

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I journeythrough a daypast people I should knowpeople who are important for their unimportance a gringositting in a laundromatwith a […] [continue…]

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Eyes to See?

October 16, 2005

On our lovely return trip home, it seems that there are kids everywhere. Kicking, chattering, screaming, gnashing their teeth, crying, […] [continue…]

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Advent in October

The wife and I visited Glorieta, New Mexico to enjoy what has quickly become (to quote Ryan Sharp) our Advent. […] [continue…]

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