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September 8, 2005

What if
instead of some escape hatch
or giant tractor beam
to heaven

There was
a sunny September day
when thousands of lawnmowers

And each worker
stepped off the little wheels in back
or set down his trimmer or blower
or shovel

And walked in
to his very own
tastefully decorated

And took a long, hot scrub
in a shower built for three
then through a cavernous closet
for boxers and a T

Then stretched out
on a sumptuous couch
for a cerveca y siesta
with cable TV

What if
Imperial became Budweiser
and MTV
was mariachi

What if
guys in suits and ties
mowed their lawns
in a Ferrari

And rode to work
balanced on two little wheels
behind a mowing deck

A slow commute
with ties tucked in to shirts
and lunch coolers hung from handles
and sunburned ears

What if
the huge houses were overflowing
with music and laughter, kids and grandmas
half-drunk dancing

What if
Someone threw a switch
that day would be

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2 Responses to “Rapture”

  1. Ross says:

    I like this one… :)

  2. ArborSam says:

    Powerful Stuff. I mean who are these people moving into “our” United States…they are us…at least a striking resemblance of the forefathers we so admire…but seem to have forgotten. Intentional, daring, dreamers willing to surmount any obstacle and perform any task for the chance to provide a better tomorrow to their sons, daughters, parents, cousins here and abroad. They get it, yeah they get it; more clearly than we so removed…the American dream. Sharing food, shelter and encouragement to others struggling to make it…sending; as some scholars surmise; a significant chunk of many a GDP back to the country of origin. They may not walk in mansions but their children, just as we…may.

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