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Destruction as Innovation

September 1, 2005

Working for Gospel Matt is fun, not the least for the creative challenges. Can’t say that I’ve used so many unconventional materials, or executed so many customizations, ever before.

One design innovation he’s employed is the reduction of cabinets. Which I find philosophically objectionable, to say the least. Cutting into a perfectly good, factory-fresh cabinet just seems so wrong. In fact, the first time through, I acted as conscientious objector. I compelled him to make the fateful cuts and handled the repairs myself. But this time around, I took the measurements and made the cuts with quick, cold precision. Like a surgeon, I took out the excess, threw it away, and patched things back together. By tomorrow, no one will ever notice that shallow cabinet on the end, or the chimney which it covers.

Deconstructing stuff is difficult, but sometimes you gotta do it if you’re going to have anything that is useful.

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