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Worth a Thousand Words

August 23, 2005

…from The Sniper, who is in Maine, working on his tenth gigabyte of photos. If he doesn’t come back soon, he’ll have to buy another computer.

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3 Responses to “Worth a Thousand Words”

  1. kate says:

    No ear hair follicles. I demand ear hair follicles!

  2. Ross says:

    Today was a good/bad day…. 2 Gigs of pictures and I can’t seem to find many that I want to delete. What to do!? I can see myself opening a shack on the beach with black velvet Elvis *paintings* and photography for tourists to buy to give to friends (tourists never really buy anything for themselves)…. although Letterman might bay good money for this one:

  3. P3T3RK3Y5 says:

    nominated cover photo for… “New England Vacationers”

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