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The Monkey on My Back

August 31, 2005

This morning’s run was an 8K workout, intended to build speed and endurance. I did the same workout two weeks ago, and it was disastrous. So I had higher hopes for this one.

Off I went, feeling fresh and laying my light feet down smoothly. But I just couldn’t get going any faster than, well, than I was going. I kept my pace up, and my concentration didn’t flag through the middle miles, and yet I felt disappointed with my time at the end. Until I got back to the car, and augmented my oxygen-starved brain with a calculator: my pace today was the same pace which I ran for a whole marathon last fall.

So I’m back to disastrous. Keeping up the chase can be quite unrewarding, indeed.

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  1. kate says:

    Hey! Let’s not forget that YOU’RE OUT THERE RUNNING, man. Even if it’s three steps forward, two steps back, or even vice versa, you’re STILL RUNNING. This is good. You make us proud. :)

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