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Small Hedrons

August 18, 2005

Two things which brightened the end of a dark day:

1. One of my students came up after class to talk about his first paper, for which he was given a ‘B’ grade. “I know this is probably egoistic of me (a term from last week, used properly!), but what would I need to do to get an ‘A’ on this?” He was humble, teachable, and honestly interested in improving his writing. That’s the spirit!

2. Coming home hungry and spying my roommate’s beautiful loaf of bread, I guiltily decided that my hunger overrode her property rights (was I teaching ethics an hour ago?), and embarked on twin mayo-and-turkey-and-pepper sandwiches. And realized that the loaf of bread was mine; it had just been in the freezer for a month. Sweet! PB&J; in the morning, too!

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