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On the Drive

August 5, 2005

Heading home from the job today was like driving through some weird movie.

I was passing by Dulles Airport, where they are clearing some land for some project. Planes are dropping in, cars are flying by, and for the past few days they have been snapping off trees with heavy equipment and pushing them into piles. Which is kind of sad. But even worse was today, when they had moved in some giant machines which sat under a huge cloud of very thick dust and munched all of those beautiful trees into three colors of mulch. Made me wish there were some Ents around to even the score.

In an effort to distract myself, I switched on the radio. Someone was calling in to one of those conservative talk-fests to offer some compassionate wisdom for our current middle-east pickle. “We need to do a reverse-9/11″, she offered, “and do massive bombing of the mountains of Afganistan and Pakistan until we get 7 stories deep. A kind of Hiroshima-style bombing. That will kill all of these guys who want to get us. And then we’ll need to grow a lot of corn so that we can switch over to ethanol.” To which the host offered this rational rejoinder: “thanks for your call.”

So I switched on my new Jack Johnson CD. Within a couple of chords, I was sitting on my board in the lineup at Playa Guiones. Wondering why I don’t just move to Costa Rica.

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  1. [REDACTED] says:

    Mmmmmm. The beach. Maybe I’ll go home and put on some JJ myself. By the way, how is his new one? The other two sound pretty much the same, so unless the new one is way different, I doubt I’ll pick it up.

    One question though: are you some kind of anti-development, tree-hugging, frog-licking liberal? Or are you a real American. Huh? Are you?

  2. it’s exactly the same. In fact, his promo tour for it basically consisted of him saying, “all of my albums are the same, and I’m fine with that.” Which makes at least two of us.

    Nice italics in the comment box! Showoff.

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